Singapore Summer Camp 2014 with VietSing24: Studay but Play, Play but Study

Wed, 02.04.2014 11:35

( The program is a great opportunity which enables children to improve English in a really English-speaking environment, enjoy a meaningful and helpful summer holiday via interesting trips and exciting activities…

            Every child always wants to have an interesting summer holiday after a long period of study. In order to help children to make their dreams come true, the program “Singapore Summer Camp 2014 with VietSing24: Study but Play, Play but Study” has been set up.

           Children will have a lot of opportunities when joining the program at this beautiful island country including:

-      Improve their English skills through courses at Coleman College and communication with friends from various countries.

-      Discover the country and people there through interesting trips to famous landscapes such as Wild Wild Wet, Sky Garden, Sentosa Island, Universal Studios, Singapore Zoo Night Sarafi; shopping at Little China and China Town, Orchard, joining barbecues and many other interesting activities, etc.

-      Learn overseas students’ living skills with VietSing24

-      Learn maths in English with Ms May Tran


Program 1: 2 weeks, from May 31st 2014 to June 14th 2014

Program 2: 1 month, from May 31st 2014 to June 29th 2014

 (Download details here)


1.      Application form

2.      4 photos (size 3x4)

3.      Birth certificate (English translation version)

4.      Passport

5.      Contract with signatures of both parents and children


Condo Resort Euphony Garden

(For more images of Vietsing24's accommodation, please have a look at here)



Sentosa Island   

  Jurong Bird Park   

          Universal Studios  

                                               Sky Garden by Bay 

Durian Theatre

                                          Singapore Zoo Night Safari

The program will surely bring children unforgettable memories and enable them to be more self-confident and independent….

For further information, please contact us at:

            VietSing24 Edu-Care Centre Singapore

Head office: 04-30, Blk 7 Euphony Garden. 01 Jalan Mata Ayer Road, Singapore

Representative office in Vietnam: 10/4 Kim Dong Street, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Tel: +65 8382 8468 (Singapore). +84 9041 62 666 (Hanoi)

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