6 outstanding majors in Singapore

Mon, 05.08.2013 10:30

Fashion, media and communications, information technology and etc are majors attracting most international students to study in Singapore.

Although Singapore is a small country, it is globally well-known for considerably economic growth and enjoys one of top brand names in education. This is the reason why lots of students over the world have chosen to study in this island country. Beside business courses, majors relating to key industries also draw many students. All of these majors are offered by Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS).

1.      Tourism and hospitality management

Tourism and hospitality management courses here are highly practical majors. Apart from practicing at MDIS’s centers, students also have a lot of feel trips to luxury resorts of Singapore. More than that, they are given opportunities to travel to tourism cities such as Hongkong, Macau, Bangkok, Beijing and Shanghai and etc and arranged to work as trainees in big hotels or tourism agencies in Singapore for 4 to 6 months.

2.      Engineering

As a result of poor natural resource, Singapore attaches special importance to human resource. Brainpower is employed in management, engineering, technology and service sectors. Singapore is considered as one of the state-of-the-art technology centers in the region with many factories manufacturing technological, electronic, medical and civil products in foreign and Singapore brands.

Vietnam has received a vast number of multi-million dollar FDI projects from huge electronic, technical and engineering corporations such as: Samsung, LG, Buscentre Met and ect. Consequently, students graduating in engineering and technology majors have many career opportunities with high salary.

3.      Life sciences ( Healthcare management and biotechnology)

Science is considered as one of top industries of Singapore.

After graduation, students can choose to work in the fields as follows: medicine and pharmacy (diagnosing diseases, processing medicine or vaccines and ect); environment (environmental or sewage treatment, evaluation of noxious levels of products, and ect); agro-forestry-fishery (breed, disease and quality); industry (industrial fermentation and biological materials).


Unilever, Kimberly, Vietnam beer, San Miguel, Dutch Lady and etc are some big domestic and foreign companies which usually make enormous demand on recruitment.

4.      Fashion and design

Singapore is known as one of fashion centers in South East Asian that gathers almost all world-wide fashion brand names. This country is also a venue in which a lot of international fashion competitions and fashion shows take place.

Student’s creativeness will be inspired, and their future will be lighted thanks to practical teaching method and opportunities to get in touch with fashion experts that universities offer.

5.      Media and communications

In spite of “modest” in area, people over the world admire Singapore because of its cleanness, freshness, high quality services, friendly people, and civilized country and so on. To be popular world- wide, media and communications plays an important role in spreading Singapore brand name.

Media and communications department in MDIS is equipped with a modern broadcast and television center. On the one hand, students are given chance to practice in their school. On the other hand, they participate in the feel trip feel trip to media groups in Singapore and 3-week practice in the United States.

6.      Information technology

Typically, students enrolling in this information and technology courses at MDIS are taught not only information technology but also business so as to able to apply information technology to business areas.

Students who apply for bachelor and master courses at MDIS before 15th June and enter school before 31st December will receive a VND 68-86 million scholarship.

In this school, students are promised to learn lots of interesting and useful knowledge relating to business and economics.


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